CT- Protection

Eye and Thyroid shields

Ocular lenses  and thyroids are demeed to be the most irradiance -sensitive organs of humans.  They afford a special protection during CT- examinations.

GrayShield Eye protection

  • significant protection for eye lens
  • lens dose reduction up to 40 per cent in all CT scan configurations may be reached
  • made from Barium Sulfate;  0,07 mm LE
  • single use product, safe disposal through normal waste procedures
  • delivered in cardboard boxes  with 50 pieces each


GrayShield Thyroid protection

  • shaped to fit comfortably over the Adams’ Apple to provide a significant dose reduction (up to 60 per cent) to the radiosensitive thyroid gland
  • made from Barium Sulfate ; 0,125 mm LE
  • designed for one-time use to prevent possible biological contamination between patients
  • delivered in cardboard boxes  with 50 pieces each

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